Interrupting my Zen life …

A debilitating back injury can ruin anyone’s day. In my case, it has ruined my week.

I’m very active on Twitter. I use Twitter for affirmations, to soak up positive vibes from positive people, to relax, to be occupied and to have fun. I unfollowed about 150 people this week. I narrowed down what I read to only those who educate, amuse or entertain me. I’m not very good at empathizing with people who are having problems so I leave them to someone else who is good at it. I’m not into sex jokes and crude behavior. Coarse language is off putting to me. And so, when the dust had settled, there were still over 200 people, each of whom just makes my day when they start writing. I have my day made over 200 times a day. Talk about positive affirmations …

One thing that has nagged at me though besides the painful burning and bone deep throbbing of my back is the continuous theme that pain is designed to teach us how to understand others in pain.

All I’ve wanted was for this to go away. Midday today, it finally eased.  I really don’t feel better equipped to understand others in pain. But I do understand why pain is a total distraction from higher pursuits. When all you can do is get through the day and grit your teeth through the pain … there isn’t much left for anything else, or anyone else. You’re just grumpy and selfish and you have to be … for life becomes a survival thing rather than some pie in the sky ascension thing. Which is probably possible, and there are millions of toughies out there doing great things despite pain. Their potential without that pain? Could be amazing.

I’m told everything is as it should be. Maybe. But I think that does not mean we accept what is, as destiny. I fought to change my destiny with this back thing. I would do it again. I’m not accepting pain as a necessity or a requirement. It’s probably the learning involved in overcoming that is important.

For some, pain isn’t overcome. So they adapt. Medicate. They do something. Life must be some kind of tolerable.

What’s the moral of my story? I don’t know. Pain is awful? Alleviate pain to the best of one’s ability? I don’t know …



Workout notes

Workout notes …

I have had an injury. It was sort of a perfect storm of events that led up to it and I’m doing everything I can to heal and correct each contributor to this.

My lower back is very painful. Which makes everything a challenge, including driving eleven hour shifts, sleeping … pretty much anything I do, I’m in pain. Thankfully I have a couple of days coming up to park the truck and hopefully recover.

My workout was going well. Each day I was doing the following:

45 pushups
90 kick reps
60 crunches
10 minutes of rowing
40 minutes of stairs

I’ll update when I return to normal status.



Excerpt from article … please note. Eating raw spinach and broccoli depresses thyroid function which is really not good. I personally recommend cooking them. Otherwise, the info below seems very useful.

“When your brain is forced to function on insufficient amounts of dopamine, you become more likely to experience a range of health problems such as weight gain, depression and involuntary body movements.

So if you’re trying to lose weight, having adequate amounts of dopamine is really important.

Fortunately, increasing dopamine levels in your brain is really simple. Eating certain foods can boost your metabolism while restoring dopamine levels.

Increase Dopamine with Your Diet

Below is a list of foods that contain the right amino acids or antioxidants to stimulate dopamine production in your brain:

1. Protein Foods: High in amino acids, eating proteins will help trigger dopamine production and stimulate your metabolism. Eggs, fish, poultry and red meat are all rich in protein. Fish has the added benefit of being high in Omega 3 fats, which contributes to brain function. Try to buy organic versions that are free from antibiotics, hormones and pesticides.

2. Folate Rich Foods: Folate also helps produce dopamine. Leafy greens, broccoli and cauliflower are all vegetables high in folate. Eating them raw gives you adequate amounts of the nutrient. Lentils, chickpeas, black beans, and papaya also contain folate.

3. Fruits High in Amino Acids: Bananas, blueberries, strawberries and prunes all contain an amino acid called tyrosine. Tyrosine prompts dopamine production in your brain.

4. Red Beets: Red beets are rich in the amino acid, betaine. Because it works as a kind of anti-depressant, betaine not only helps dopamine production but also gives your morale an added boost.

5. Apples: High in the antioxidant quercitin, apples can prevent neurodegenerative diseases as well as stimulate dopamine.

6. Watermelon Juice: A great source of Vitamin B-6, watermelon juice also helps produce dopamine.

Keeping your spirits elevated is essential when you’re trying to lose weight. While it helps to address the outside influences which affect your mood, eating the right kinds of foods will not only keep you happy, but will also help you start shedding pounds.”

So you want to change the world …

So you want to change the world …

I wrote about personality types earlier. That post is around here somewhere. Scroll down a ways if interested. Brief summary: we can be considered, and yes this is simplified, bulls, lambs, tigers or owls. Why talk about this?

I learned about the personality types years ago. But only through my channeling did I begin to understand the impact on world change. IF 40% of the world population are lambs and obediantly follow the most dominant sources, THEN … the dominant sources (governments, major religions, both) have almost 50% of the population to themselves without even trying.

Tigers are impulsive and so you impress them with flash (9-11 for example, Boston bombing etc) and you’ll garner a significant amount of that population segment. At 40%, the tigers then give the Dominants the majority. But it doesn’t stop there. Bulls are the most impulsive decision makers of all. And they tend to be leaders. Flash and threaten them by a created “adversary” and the dominants have them too.

Which leaves us analytical owls. We look at squibs and realize 9-11 was a controlled demolition. We see “training exercises” of planes crashing into buildings or bombings blowing up in public places ON THE SAME DAY as these events actually take place and we pause, analyse and refuse to believe.

But given that a few tigers and most owls don’t believe, the overwhelming majority DO believe and the song remains the same, century after burdonsome century. Hitler probably said it best – Make the lie big enough and publicize it enough and you own the public. (That’s a paraphrase obviously)

The grand conclusion is this, and a message I received verbatim via … spirits. Trust them or not it makes sense … “Take away the market for evil.” In other words, the only way to change the world which is primarily a group of followers because that is what they instinctively do, is to be patient, lead by example and take away the market for evil … in other words, DEMONSTRATE … a better way, and someday, through the millennia, maybe people will begin to follow the truth inside them … maybe because they saw you do it. In the meantime, everything is as it should be. Pain and suffering teaches. We must do a little more learnin’ …

Peace to you

Law of Attraction article

Excellent article! Excerpt follows ..

“My point is this, certain things on their own are not always good, and never will be good. No amount of visualization is going to change that. What you can change is to see beyond the individual bad event, and extrapolate the present bad into the potential good result once it is wrapped with a new element of thought, action, belief, event, person, place or thing.”

My addition … for those who ascribe to the reincarnation idea as I do (see Google “James Leininger, past lives” for more info), it is important to understand that each progressive iteration of oneself must often workout and complete past learning’s, and learning often involves trial and/or pain. Strive to determine what life is teaching you and complete the lesson in order to alter your future progression in a more positive direction. This has worked well for me in several instances … as well as separating myself from negativity and negative situations. This is powerful stuff …


The Door

The following is a series of tweets I posted on Twitter on Saturday night. They are a poetic description of something that happened to me almost 13 years ago. Peace …

Exploring the caverns of my soul/Found that I was not whole/Fractured pieces scattered round/Forgotten remnants upon the groundq

Dazed and bewildered I wandered on/Guided by my lonesome song/Crazed by desire to be whole once more/I came upon the ironclad door

Standing before me cold and dark/The door protected my broken heart/Pounding and searching to no avail/This iron door I could not assail

Standing clear I was flooded with thought/Had this long journey been for naught?/And then the voice I did hear/Quiet you! Lend me your ear

And I grew silent, senses piqued/What did yon voice hope to teach?/It spoke slowly and quietly at first/Soothing my unquenchable thirst

Young man, with heart so broken/This is the first time we have spoken/This night, do not fear or dread/To explore where angels do not tread

Know you this you fragile soul/You’ve done well, your heart is gold/It is strong and true upon inspection/This one needs no great protection

So young one, release old fears/Wipe away those flowing tears/The days have passed to be afraid/It is a new life now that you have made

And I questioned, for before me still/That door still stood rebuking my will/I cannot open or move ajar/This iron door from my past so far

The voice then said, speaking slowly/Do not open that which guards the holy/Rather, you shall take another way/Trust. Know it will pass away

And so I began my lonesome return/Toward the cruel cold world where passions burn/Knowing that the voice was true/Trust was all I had to do

And while little happened that day/Slowly the pain flowed gently away/Leaving me smiling, in the sun/Many years past where I had first begun

My Zen

I’m exploring strange new … indescribable worlds. Think Zen. It’s cool.

I awoke yesterday from a dream. It was a message from my beloved, departed step daughter, from her her elevated view (grin). I had the name Kahlil Gibran repeating in my head and the eighties song “Safety Dance” playing in the background. Yeah, cosmic stuff I know lol and to be fair I always awake with a song in my head. Still, it was very clear and insistent, so I inquired if it meant anything and she was the one who spoke up. This was the key to my enlightenment.

Google provided the link. “Kahlil Gibran, safety dance” led me to – The Madman. I read it and with assistance, understood that I too must let go my seven masks. It was time.

What are they? Doesn’t matter. The key is that I am now nothing. I am no thing. I simply am. Life. I no longer have to have the safety of dancing to music which isn’t truly mine.

What a realization. It was freeing. Amazingly so. All the seven things I thought I was, the facade I had fashioned for myself at a young age, walls encircling walls, came crashing down.

I am nothing. I am no thing.