My aching back …

I was reading back through some older blog posts. There was a comment I made indicating kicking exercises are “excellent for the lower back” lol. And here I sit with the most outrageous back problems … spasms up and down, both sides of the spine, shooting pains in my sciatic nerves, neck pains …

I had fooled myself into thinking I was invincible, that I could sit crooked, lounge about and that there would be no consequences.¬† Pushing the outrageously heavy clutch of a semi truck thousands and thousands of times over the last six years didn’t help anything either I’m sure. So …

Rehabilitation plan. Float gears, minimize clutching. I’ve been doing that the last two days already.

Begin my sleep with a rolled up pillow under my neck, lying flat. It has worked in the past, a mild sort of traction.

Exercise in a responsible manner. No asymmetrical movements, everything balanced. Slow and deliberate movements. No getting tired, running on endorphins, flailing away on the stairclimber being sloppy.

Perfect posture, keeping my seatback upright while driving.

Slowly but surely I have confidence my muscles will respond to the new better alignment of my spine and adjust back to normal. I will keep you updated.


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