Resumed Workouts …

Resumed workouts …

I ventured back into my fitness program today. Eased back into it is more accurate.

There is something I’ve come to realize. There are plenty of experts and plenty of advice on anything, especially fitness. However, we need to be true to ourselves. What works for one will not work as well for another, and so on.

For this reason, I wont be posting any more of my workout or eating info. Enough said that I do at least 40 minutes of cardio per day, most days, unless I feel I need a healing day. I try to eat to avoid carb overloading and I emphasize protein. I will be exploring multiple options for “live” food and the enzymes associated with that. Probably fruits and carrots.

I’ve cut soft drinks almost entirely out of my diet. I’ve proven to myself once again that pork is really bad for me.

Please be aware of BVO (brominated vegetable oil, soy). Its in fountain drinks, sports drinks … all kinds of stuff.

Last time I weighed I had lost two pounds and taken about an inch and half off my waist.

Best to all in their fitness endeavors.


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