Interrupting my Zen life …

A debilitating back injury can ruin anyone’s day. In my case, it has ruined my week.

I’m very active on Twitter. I use Twitter for affirmations, to soak up positive vibes from positive people, to relax, to be occupied and to have fun. I unfollowed about 150 people this week. I narrowed down what I read to only those who educate, amuse or entertain me. I’m not very good at empathizing with people who are having problems so I leave them to someone else who is good at it. I’m not into sex jokes and crude behavior. Coarse language is off putting to me. And so, when the dust had settled, there were still over 200 people, each of whom just makes my day when they start writing. I have my day made over 200 times a day. Talk about positive affirmations …

One thing that has nagged at me though besides the painful burning and bone deep throbbing of my back is the continuous theme that pain is designed to teach us how to understand others in pain.

All I’ve wanted was for this to go away. Midday today, it finally eased.  I really don’t feel better equipped to understand others in pain. But I do understand why pain is a total distraction from higher pursuits. When all you can do is get through the day and grit your teeth through the pain … there isn’t much left for anything else, or anyone else. You’re just grumpy and selfish and you have to be … for life becomes a survival thing rather than some pie in the sky ascension thing. Which is probably possible, and there are millions of toughies out there doing great things despite pain. Their potential without that pain? Could be amazing.

I’m told everything is as it should be. Maybe. But I think that does not mean we accept what is, as destiny. I fought to change my destiny with this back thing. I would do it again. I’m not accepting pain as a necessity or a requirement. It’s probably the learning involved in overcoming that is important.

For some, pain isn’t overcome. So they adapt. Medicate. They do something. Life must be some kind of tolerable.

What’s the moral of my story? I don’t know. Pain is awful? Alleviate pain to the best of one’s ability? I don’t know …



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