So you want to change the world …

So you want to change the world …

I wrote about personality types earlier. That post is around here somewhere. Scroll down a ways if interested. Brief summary: we can be considered, and yes this is simplified, bulls, lambs, tigers or owls. Why talk about this?

I learned about the personality types years ago. But only through my channeling did I begin to understand the impact on world change. IF 40% of the world population are lambs and obediantly follow the most dominant sources, THEN … the dominant sources (governments, major religions, both) have almost 50% of the population to themselves without even trying.

Tigers are impulsive and so you impress them with flash (9-11 for example, Boston bombing etc) and you’ll garner a significant amount of that population segment. At 40%, the tigers then give the Dominants the majority. But it doesn’t stop there. Bulls are the most impulsive decision makers of all. And they tend to be leaders. Flash and threaten them by a created “adversary” and the dominants have them too.

Which leaves us analytical owls. We look at squibs and realize 9-11 was a controlled demolition. We see “training exercises” of planes crashing into buildings or bombings blowing up in public places ON THE SAME DAY as these events actually take place and we pause, analyse and refuse to believe.

But given that a few tigers and most owls don’t believe, the overwhelming majority DO believe and the song remains the same, century after burdonsome century. Hitler probably said it best – Make the lie big enough and publicize it enough and you own the public. (That’s a paraphrase obviously)

The grand conclusion is this, and a message I received verbatim via … spirits. Trust them or not it makes sense … “Take away the market for evil.” In other words, the only way to change the world which is primarily a group of followers because that is what they instinctively do, is to be patient, lead by example and take away the market for evil … in other words, DEMONSTRATE … a better way, and someday, through the millennia, maybe people will begin to follow the truth inside them … maybe because they saw you do it. In the meantime, everything is as it should be. Pain and suffering teaches. We must do a little more learnin’ …

Peace to you


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