Law of Attraction article

Excellent article! Excerpt follows ..

“My point is this, certain things on their own are not always good, and never will be good. No amount of visualization is going to change that. What you can change is to see beyond the individual bad event, and extrapolate the present bad into the potential good result once it is wrapped with a new element of thought, action, belief, event, person, place or thing.”

My addition … for those who ascribe to the reincarnation idea as I do (see Google “James Leininger, past lives” for more info), it is important to understand that each progressive iteration of oneself must often workout and complete past learning’s, and learning often involves trial and/or pain. Strive to determine what life is teaching you and complete the lesson in order to alter your future progression in a more positive direction. This has worked well for me in several instances … as well as separating myself from negativity and negative situations. This is powerful stuff …



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