The Door

The following is a series of tweets I posted on Twitter on Saturday night. They are a poetic description of something that happened to me almost 13 years ago. Peace …

Exploring the caverns of my soul/Found that I was not whole/Fractured pieces scattered round/Forgotten remnants upon the groundq

Dazed and bewildered I wandered on/Guided by my lonesome song/Crazed by desire to be whole once more/I came upon the ironclad door

Standing before me cold and dark/The door protected my broken heart/Pounding and searching to no avail/This iron door I could not assail

Standing clear I was flooded with thought/Had this long journey been for naught?/And then the voice I did hear/Quiet you! Lend me your ear

And I grew silent, senses piqued/What did yon voice hope to teach?/It spoke slowly and quietly at first/Soothing my unquenchable thirst

Young man, with heart so broken/This is the first time we have spoken/This night, do not fear or dread/To explore where angels do not tread

Know you this you fragile soul/You’ve done well, your heart is gold/It is strong and true upon inspection/This one needs no great protection

So young one, release old fears/Wipe away those flowing tears/The days have passed to be afraid/It is a new life now that you have made

And I questioned, for before me still/That door still stood rebuking my will/I cannot open or move ajar/This iron door from my past so far

The voice then said, speaking slowly/Do not open that which guards the holy/Rather, you shall take another way/Trust. Know it will pass away

And so I began my lonesome return/Toward the cruel cold world where passions burn/Knowing that the voice was true/Trust was all I had to do

And while little happened that day/Slowly the pain flowed gently away/Leaving me smiling, in the sun/Many years past where I had first begun


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