My Zen

I’m exploring strange new … indescribable worlds. Think Zen. It’s cool.

I awoke yesterday from a dream. It was a message from my beloved, departed step daughter, from her her elevated view (grin). I had the name Kahlil Gibran repeating in my head and the eighties song “Safety Dance” playing in the background. Yeah, cosmic stuff I know lol and to be fair I always awake with a song in my head. Still, it was very clear and insistent, so I inquired if it meant anything and she was the one who spoke up. This was the key to my enlightenment.

Google provided the link. “Kahlil Gibran, safety dance” led me to – The Madman. I read it and with assistance, understood that I too must let go my seven masks. It was time.

What are they? Doesn’t matter. The key is that I am now nothing. I am no thing. I simply am. Life. I no longer have to have the safety of dancing to music which isn’t truly mine.

What a realization. It was freeing. Amazingly so. All the seven things I thought I was, the facade I had fashioned for myself at a young age, walls encircling walls, came crashing down.

I am nothing. I am no thing.



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