Workout update, 23-31 May 2013

23 May

Eating – 2 Atkins protein shakes, 2 beef hotdogs, chips, soda, vitamins

Workout – 40 minutes stairs

24 May

Eating – Atkins protein shake, Footlong Philly Cheese sub, chips, soda, 1/2 pound burger, vitamins

Workout – 40 minutes stairs

25 May

Eating – 1 chicken biscuit, chips, cheese, soda, Atkins shake, 1/2 pound burger, vitamins

Workout – 40 minutes stairs, 20 minutes rows

26 May

Eating – 2 Atkins shakes, footlong Philly Cheese sub, chops, vitamins

No exercise

27 May

Eating – 7 hotwings, 5 slices pizza, soda, French Dip sandwich, mashed potatoes, vitamins

No exercise

28 May

Eating – Fried Chicken breast, mashed potatoes, soda, Chicken Parmesan, pasta, steamed vegetables, Atkins shake, vitamins

Workout – 90 minutes walking

29 May

Eating – 2 Turkey footlong subs, 2 sodas, 2 chips, Atkins shake, Steak/Egg/Hashbrown breakfast, vitamins

60 minutes walking

30 May

Eating – 2 Turkey sandwiches, 2 chips, 3 sodas, tuna/cheese/salad, 14 hotwings, vitamins

Workout – 40 minutes walking

31 May

Eating – Turkey Sandwich, 2 chips, 2 sodas, tuna/cheese, Atkins shake, vitamins

Workout – 45 minutes walking

Notes – Have added vitamin D3 to my vitamins. My truck was being repaired for five days so I experimented with walking as exercise. I love it. I swing my arms normally but extend my stride and walk at a fast pace. Will walk whenever possible. The sheer boredom of being off the road plus being near a great restaurant induced a lot of boredom eating, grin.

I haven’t weighed yet but I have had to take my belt in a notch, and I feel good. So I’m pleased with my new lifestyle. One other thing, I wrapped my elastic bands around my feet on the suggestion of a friend who is a workout god (lol) and did some rows. Challenging and worthwhile exercise.


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