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Reprogramming reality. What does this mean? It can mean near anything which alters the chain of destiny of an individual, a group or even the world. Let’s look at this one thing a bit closer.

Consider your life to date. Can you remember an event last week, last year, last decade … which you would alter if you could? Can you think of one thing which you would change about your actions in each of these events which would have effected a more desirable outcome?

We all can, multitudes of times. The premise behind reprogramming reality is to understand first that the progression of time and the events so joined can be altered from the expected outcome to a different, more desirable outcome if we simply alter our own inputs to the system. Sounds simple enough, right? But how does one do this?

The key is a quiet mind and true objectivity. Passions, emotions, feelings and triggers are what typically drive the typical individual. So first, one must decide that they are not typical and second they must seek for that elusive but attainable objective point of view. In capturing these new attitudes, a person is equipped to make sound and reasoned judgements and decisions, taking their life’s course out of the hands of emotional sway and placing it on a higher path.

We’ll look at this more deeply in the future.


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