The Solfeggio Frequencies

DNA responds positively to proper input. The following article is an excellent first step of understanding the basis for this phenomenon … link and excerpt below.

Music and sound can be a very powerful transformational tool for the human body and soul. However, information has come to light in recent years our modern day musical scale has been robbed of its vast potential for healing and transformation, and there was once an even more powerful, time-honored tonal scale known as, the “original Solfeggio frequencies.”



Great article courtesy of @Aphrodite44 on Twitter. Link and excerpt below …

Forgiveness isn’t always easy.

We each have experiences that have been painful to course through. Despite, at times, non-negotiable seeming burdens, I’ve repeatedly witnessed a complete turn around in the health and well-being of others after adequately dealing with grief, reworking a pattern of guilt or wholeheartedly forgiving another soul or situation.

To move forward in any healing process, it is essential to let goof the past, appreciate it for the lessons it gifted and forgive everyone involved— including our self.

I love and am always open to discovering new ways to both help myself and others further along the path of clarity and connection—I love digging until I’ve unveiled roots of conflict—and I love it when what I come across is simultaneously so simple and effective that it demands a good share.

My aching back …

I was reading back through some older blog posts. There was a comment I made indicating kicking exercises are “excellent for the lower back” lol. And here I sit with the most outrageous back problems … spasms up and down, both sides of the spine, shooting pains in my sciatic nerves, neck pains …

I had fooled myself into thinking I was invincible, that I could sit crooked, lounge about and that there would be no consequences.  Pushing the outrageously heavy clutch of a semi truck thousands and thousands of times over the last six years didn’t help anything either I’m sure. So …

Rehabilitation plan. Float gears, minimize clutching. I’ve been doing that the last two days already.

Begin my sleep with a rolled up pillow under my neck, lying flat. It has worked in the past, a mild sort of traction.

Exercise in a responsible manner. No asymmetrical movements, everything balanced. Slow and deliberate movements. No getting tired, running on endorphins, flailing away on the stairclimber being sloppy.

Perfect posture, keeping my seatback upright while driving.

Slowly but surely I have confidence my muscles will respond to the new better alignment of my spine and adjust back to normal. I will keep you updated.

Resumed Workouts …

Resumed workouts …

I ventured back into my fitness program today. Eased back into it is more accurate.

There is something I’ve come to realize. There are plenty of experts and plenty of advice on anything, especially fitness. However, we need to be true to ourselves. What works for one will not work as well for another, and so on.

For this reason, I wont be posting any more of my workout or eating info. Enough said that I do at least 40 minutes of cardio per day, most days, unless I feel I need a healing day. I try to eat to avoid carb overloading and I emphasize protein. I will be exploring multiple options for “live” food and the enzymes associated with that. Probably fruits and carrots.

I’ve cut soft drinks almost entirely out of my diet. I’ve proven to myself once again that pork is really bad for me.

Please be aware of BVO (brominated vegetable oil, soy). Its in fountain drinks, sports drinks … all kinds of stuff.

Last time I weighed I had lost two pounds and taken about an inch and half off my waist.

Best to all in their fitness endeavors.


Phenomenal article on psi, courtesy of @Horoscopa from Twitter. I’ll come back to this but the implications for life change are incredible. Just working with it right now. Already promising results but requires “knowledge” … more to come. Full article at link …

Although prior research has been conducted on the psi phenomena – we have all seen those movie images of people staring at Zener cards with a star or wavy lines on them – such studies often fail to meet the threshold of “scientific investigation.” However, Bem’s studies are unique in that they represent standard scientific methods and rely on well-established principles in psychology. Essentially, he took effects that are considered valid and reliable in psychology – studying improves memory, priming facilitates response times – and simply reversed their chronological order.

For example, we all know that rehearsing a set of words makes them easier to recall in the future, but what if the rehearsal occurs after the recall? In one of the studies, college students were given a list of words and after reading the list, were given a surprise recall test to see how many words they remembered. Next, a computer randomly selected some of the words on the list as practice words and the participants were asked to retype them several times. The results of the study showed that the students were better at recalling the words on the surprise recall test that they were later given, at random, to practice. According to Bem, practicing the words after the test somehow allowed the participants to “reach back in time to facilitate recall.”

In another study, Bem examined whether the well-known priming effect could also be reversed. In a typical priming study, people are shown a photo and they have to quickly indicate if the photo represents a negative or positive image. If the photo is of a cuddly kitten, you press the “positive” button and if the photo is of maggots on rotting meat, you press the “negative” button. A wealth of research has examined how subliminal priming can speed up your ability to categorize these photos. Subliminal priming occurs when a word is flashed on the computer screen so quickly that your conscious brain doesn’t recognize what you saw, but your nonconscious brain does. So you just see a flash, and if I asked you to tell me what you saw, you wouldn’t be able to. But deep down, your nonconscious brain saw the word and processed it. In priming studies, we consistently find that people who are primed with a word consistent with the valence of the photo will categorize it quicker. So if I quickly flash the word “happy” before the kitten picture, you will click the “positive” button even quicker, but if I instead flash the word “ugly” before it, you will take longer to respond. This is because priming you with the word “happy” gets your mind ready to see happy things.

In Bem’s retroactive priming study, he simply reversed the time sequence on this effect by flashing the primed word after the person categorized the photo. So I show you the kitten picture, you pick whether it is positive or negative, and then I randomly choose to prime you with a good or bad word. The results showed that people were quicker at categorizing photos when it was followed by a consistent prime. So not only will you categorize the kitten quicker when it is preceded by a good word, you will also categorize it quicker when it is followed by a good word. It was as if, while participants were categorizing the photo, their brain knew what word was coming next and this facilitated their decision.


Interrupting my Zen life …

A debilitating back injury can ruin anyone’s day. In my case, it has ruined my week.

I’m very active on Twitter. I use Twitter for affirmations, to soak up positive vibes from positive people, to relax, to be occupied and to have fun. I unfollowed about 150 people this week. I narrowed down what I read to only those who educate, amuse or entertain me. I’m not very good at empathizing with people who are having problems so I leave them to someone else who is good at it. I’m not into sex jokes and crude behavior. Coarse language is off putting to me. And so, when the dust had settled, there were still over 200 people, each of whom just makes my day when they start writing. I have my day made over 200 times a day. Talk about positive affirmations …

One thing that has nagged at me though besides the painful burning and bone deep throbbing of my back is the continuous theme that pain is designed to teach us how to understand others in pain.

All I’ve wanted was for this to go away. Midday today, it finally eased.  I really don’t feel better equipped to understand others in pain. But I do understand why pain is a total distraction from higher pursuits. When all you can do is get through the day and grit your teeth through the pain … there isn’t much left for anything else, or anyone else. You’re just grumpy and selfish and you have to be … for life becomes a survival thing rather than some pie in the sky ascension thing. Which is probably possible, and there are millions of toughies out there doing great things despite pain. Their potential without that pain? Could be amazing.

I’m told everything is as it should be. Maybe. But I think that does not mean we accept what is, as destiny. I fought to change my destiny with this back thing. I would do it again. I’m not accepting pain as a necessity or a requirement. It’s probably the learning involved in overcoming that is important.

For some, pain isn’t overcome. So they adapt. Medicate. They do something. Life must be some kind of tolerable.

What’s the moral of my story? I don’t know. Pain is awful? Alleviate pain to the best of one’s ability? I don’t know …


Workout notes

Workout notes …

I have had an injury. It was sort of a perfect storm of events that led up to it and I’m doing everything I can to heal and correct each contributor to this.

My lower back is very painful. Which makes everything a challenge, including driving eleven hour shifts, sleeping … pretty much anything I do, I’m in pain. Thankfully I have a couple of days coming up to park the truck and hopefully recover.

My workout was going well. Each day I was doing the following:

45 pushups
90 kick reps
60 crunches
10 minutes of rowing
40 minutes of stairs

I’ll update when I return to normal status.