My workout program

New workout program …

I am a long haul truck driver. Working out and eating good food have been a challenge over the years. That is, until I started thinking about it …

As it turns out, fitness and nutrition are almost no challenge at all. Gold’s Gym manufactures a mini-stairclimber for a reasonable price of $50. I have a set of exercise elastic cords. One ten pound weight. And, I do pushups and kicking exercises from my taekwondo days (excellent for the lower back).

I’ll be posting my daily workouts and eating. Generally, I’m avoiding deep fried foods, soy, cottonseed and canola oil, monitoring carbs (over 200 per mini meal causes blood sugar fluctuations and weight gain) and trying to get daily quality proteins.

Began the program on May 17th. Starting weight – 219. At five feet, nine inches tall, with my bodytype, 185 is an excellent weight. We’ll see what happens.


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