The unique you …

… and the unique everybody else.

Years ago I learned about the personality types. We can look at people, accurately, as animal personalities. There are …

A – Bulls
B – Lambs
C – Tigers
D – Owls

While the following is an estimate, the following percentages become apparent when looking at socieities …

Bulls – 10%
Lambs – 40%
Tigers – 40%
Owls – 10%

Here are the important characteristics of each personality type.

Bulls – Natural leaders. Quick thinkers. Assertive and controlling. Somewhat difficult to get along with.

Lambs – Followers. Mild mannered. Easy to get along with. Accepting. Prefer for others to make decisions for them. Never lead unless forced to.

Tigers – Fun to be around. Easy to get along with. The life of the party. Quick decision makers. Will follow easily, rarely lead.

Owls – The stereotypical analytical personality. Somewhat aloof. Deep thinkers. Slow to make a decision. Independent. Rarely lead, don’t easily follow. Stubborn.

Why talk about this? It is a foundation for understanding people, societies and … the afterworld. We’ll examine this more fully over time.


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