There are infinite ideas on the epitome of existence.  But no matter what one’s heaven, it all begins with control. To examine this, consider the following …

Consider chaos. Here’s a definition …

  1. Complete disorder and confusion.
  2. Behavior so unpredictable as to appear random, owing to great sensitivity to small changes in conditions.

Now, consider your psyche. Some might call it the “mind”, however, there are multiple levels of consciousness involved here … I prefer psyche.  If your psyche and what goes on inside you matches that definition, you are not in control, you are under control. Repeat – You are not in control, you are under control.

Controlled by whom, or what? It’s anyone’s guess. For every single out of control situation on this planet, there are entities who will move in and take advantage of the situation … to feed, manipulate and press their agendas.

Realize this. Consider it carefully. Examine your life and situation. Find those places, times and events when it’s your choice and find your method of making those into personally useful and strengthening experiences.  To fail to do so is to waste a precious moment that belonged to you.

Don’t give your moments away …


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