Article – A must read

Article -A must read

Please see article link for full article. Excerpt …

As Zen Honeycutt, who posted the report commented, glyphosate, shown to be toxic at 1 ppm, is present at 13 ppm in the GM corn. Similarly, formaldehyde at 200 ppm is 200 times the level known to be toxic in animals.

The GM corn was also severely depleted in essential minerals: 14 ppm vs 6 130 ppm calcium; 2 ppm vs 113 ppm of magnesium; 2 ppm vs 14 ppm of manganese 3 ppm vs 44 ppm of phosphate, 3 ppm vs 42 ppm of sulphur, and so on.

It is not surprising that this analysis has been carried out independently; i.e., not by biotech companies. It was done by farmers themselves. The high level of glyphosate is bad enough. Scientific evidence on glyphosate accumulated over three decades documents miscarriages, birth defects, carcinogenesis, endocrine disruption, DNA damage, neurotoxicity, and toxicity to liver and kidney at levels well below recommended agricultural use (see our recent review [2] Why Glyphosate Should Be Banned, SiS 56). The presence of formaldehyde – a genotoxic and neurotoxic poison at such enormous concentration – is totally unexpected.


Workouts 21 and 22 May 13

Workout 21, 22 May 13

21 May 13

Eating – Footlong cheesesteak sub, 8 oz. soda, chips, vitamins, Atkins protein shake

Workout – 40 minutes stairclimber, 40 pushups, 60 kick reps

Stairclimber getting easier. My pace is slow bit steady, goal being to keep heartrate slightly elevated, muscles engaged and sweat! Pushups are single set, looks like I’ve hit my max for a while at 40. Still being ultra careful with my right knee.

22 May 13

Eating – Atkins protein shake, 2 sausage and egg croissants, 1 soda, 6 inch Turkey sub, chips

Workout – 40 minutes stairclimber, 40 pushups, 60 kick reps

Kick reps are three basic kicks, 20 of each, single set to failure. Hook (heel) kick, sidekick, round kick. Great for the lower back!

Workout 20 May 13

Workout 20 May 13

Eating – 4 Atkins protein shakes (no soy, although does have sucralose), 1 Wendy’s double cheeseburger, vitamins

Workout – 40 minutes stairclimber, 30 pushups, 50 kick repetitions

I feel really good. Have to adjust foot position and step occasionally on stairclimber, right foot and knee feeling a bit of stress. May rest a day if it gets worse.

Workouts, 17 May – 20 May

Workouts 17 May -20 May 2013

17 May

Eating – two Atkins protein shakes, one giant beef taco salad at my favorite little grocery in Colton, California

Workout -ran a fast trip to LA from Salt Lake City, no time available for exercise.

18 May

Eating – two Atkins protein shakes (I just didn’t feel hungry, strange for me), vitamins (B Complex, Vitamin C, natural herbal cleanse)

Workout – 40 minutes stairclimber, 25 pushups, 35 kick repetitions per leg

19 May

Eating – two personal Godfather’s pizzas (I totally love Godfather’s pizza!), 8 oz. soda, two Atkins shakes, Subway footlong cheesesteak sub (no mayo! because of the soy oil), 8 oz. soda

Workout – 40 minutes stairclimber, 35 pushups, 40 kick repetitions per leg

My workout program

New workout program …

I am a long haul truck driver. Working out and eating good food have been a challenge over the years. That is, until I started thinking about it …

As it turns out, fitness and nutrition are almost no challenge at all. Gold’s Gym manufactures a mini-stairclimber for a reasonable price of $50. I have a set of exercise elastic cords. One ten pound weight. And, I do pushups and kicking exercises from my taekwondo days (excellent for the lower back).

I’ll be posting my daily workouts and eating. Generally, I’m avoiding deep fried foods, soy, cottonseed and canola oil, monitoring carbs (over 200 per mini meal causes blood sugar fluctuations and weight gain) and trying to get daily quality proteins.

Began the program on May 17th. Starting weight – 219. At five feet, nine inches tall, with my bodytype, 185 is an excellent weight. We’ll see what happens.

A view of a scottish castle

Poetry that affects me. Very nice. A good read.

Nabroski i razmyshleniya



…ready at the smallest

disruption of order

to fall in an epileptic fit…

From here there’s pattering, tartan rain and gloomy castles,

where to the present day,

clanking with arms, there roam

sturdy heroes,

in old-fashioned armour,

small in stature.

Their ghosts,

flowing with unearthly blood,

are seeking revenge, seeking revenge on somebody,

are ever burying, burying some body…



С видом на шотландский замок


…готовые при малейшем

нарушении порядка

забиться в эпилептическом припадке…

Отсюда – дробовая, разномастная

клетка, дождь и мрачные замки,

где до сих пор бродят, оружием бряцают

коренастые рыцари,

в старомодных доспехах, в меру – низенькие.

Их призраки,

кровью налитые потусторонней,

все мстят и мстят кому-то,

все кого-то хоронят, хоронят…


Photo: Eilean Donan Castle, Loch Long, Western Scotland

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The unique you …

… and the unique everybody else.

Years ago I learned about the personality types. We can look at people, accurately, as animal personalities. There are …

A – Bulls
B – Lambs
C – Tigers
D – Owls

While the following is an estimate, the following percentages become apparent when looking at socieities …

Bulls – 10%
Lambs – 40%
Tigers – 40%
Owls – 10%

Here are the important characteristics of each personality type.

Bulls – Natural leaders. Quick thinkers. Assertive and controlling. Somewhat difficult to get along with.

Lambs – Followers. Mild mannered. Easy to get along with. Accepting. Prefer for others to make decisions for them. Never lead unless forced to.

Tigers – Fun to be around. Easy to get along with. The life of the party. Quick decision makers. Will follow easily, rarely lead.

Owls – The stereotypical analytical personality. Somewhat aloof. Deep thinkers. Slow to make a decision. Independent. Rarely lead, don’t easily follow. Stubborn.

Why talk about this? It is a foundation for understanding people, societies and … the afterworld. We’ll examine this more fully over time.